Miniature Horse Grooming Tips

  1. Groom your miniature horse regularly by brushing its coat with medium-bristled brushes. These brushes can be found at any equine supply or farm supply store. Always brush with the direction of the hair, and keep the bristles away from the miniature horse’s eyes.
  2. Use a metal comb to comb out the mane and tail of the miniature horse. Do little sections at a time, starting at the bottom of the mane or tail and working your way upwards. If necessary, start working on difficult tangles by hand before using the metal comb.
  3. Brush the miniature horse’s face with a very soft-bristled brush. The skin on the horse’s face is thin, so be careful and do not apply a lot of pressure while brushing. Avoid the eyes.
  4. Pick out the miniature horse’s hooves with a metal pick. Be careful to steady the miniature horse as you do so. Avoid the frog, the middle, triangular section of the hoof, as you do so.
  5. Wet a cloth and use it to clean the corner of the miniature horse’s eyes.
  6. Bathe the miniature horse as needed with gentle soap. The soap should not have a lot of chemicals in it, as they could dry and irritate the miniature horse’s skin. A good groom will bath a miniature horse only after a good brushing.
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